August 24, 2015

The Robotech Live Action Movie Will Be Made For Kids

It is with great excitement that the guy three months late to the party announces: James Wan will be directing the Robotech live action movie!

The Robotech series meant so much to me as a kid. I would lay in bed and dream that the future could come sooner so technology would allow me to be a Veritech fighter and help fend off evil aliens, too. Today, I love watching my son play with his toys. He can sit for an hour (7 hours adult time) with nothing but the floor and his one F-14 toy airplane. I will join him and try to keep up with his imagination, but I can't. I fall short every time, wishing I could play in that space again.

"Project: Robotech" is a nostalgic endeavor. I want to make a childhood wish come true. It may come in the form of CGI instead of reality, but the future has still come sooner than I thought it would.

The truth is, I haven't acted in over 2 years, but my excitement about being a part of this film as an actor is as strong as ever. My inner voice barrages me often: "It's a childish pursuit and frankly a little embarrassing. Let it go." But I can't. When it comes out, the Robotech live action movie will be made for kids, young and old alike, including this one.

February 10, 2015

The Robotech Live Action Movie is Making Me Old

Mike Fleming Jr. at Deadline Hollywood reports that the Robotech live action movie is back on!!! Read the full article here. I thought for sure Pacific Rim killed Robotech dead, but I guess I was wrong. Yet, I'm approaching this news with some apprehension of course, as we have been down this road before.

The interweb declares: "New scribe with impressive credentials to pen Robotech!" and "Up-and-coming director tapped to bring Robotech to the big screen!." I optimistically post something on this blog, then I get married and have two kids as I'm waiting for the next announcement. I wish I was kidding about that last part.

But I do celebrate today that the dream of a Robotech live action movie is still alive! I also celebrate the passage of time and the joys of growing up. At this rate, I'll be auditioning for more age appropriate roles such as "Veritech fighter safety consultant" or "UN Spacy training manager" instead of  a Veritech fighter pilot and frankly, it's all good. Just keep it going.

January 28, 2014

Robotech Live Action Movie - Robotech Valkyrie Project is DOWN!

I hope this is just temporary because I really want to see Part 3! Both Part 1 and Part 2 videos have been pulled from YouTube.  For updates, and what I believe is their new FB page, please click here.

I guess I'm a little late hearing this news as Memo from RobotechX has a post on January 22nd stating this project has come to a halt.

I think the image below (posted on the Robotech Valkyrie Project page) just about sums it up.

January 13, 2014

Robotech Live Action Movie - Valkyrie Project - Part 2

I have a feeling my next few posts will be dedicated to the Robotech Live Action Movie Valkyrie Project. This is part two of their great fan film. Fact is, these guys are having a lot of fun with this and I'm enjoying it very much. The scene we've all been waiting for with the Veritech fighters is at 7:08. I wonder if they can go full on Battloid(humanoid) form having them both fight each other. If that happens, I will bow down to this visual effects team. For visual effects that are more "subtle" (yes that's a nice way to put it) please check our our own Robotech Live action short film.

January 6, 2014

Robotech Live Action Movie - Valkyrie Project - Part 1

I freakin love these guys. I'm in awe watching what they've been able to create knowing the amount of effort it took for my own Robotech live action movie (and it's just 5 min long!). The Valkyrie Project is honestly on another level altogether and I can't how advanced fan films have come in such a short period of time. This is a must see.

 And unless you know Spanish, you'll mostly just be "seeing" like me, but it's still entertaining. The visual effects are very strong and the story has my interest for sure. Rob Briken from iO9 has a nice breakdown for Part 1 for the Valkyrie Project with credit to director Cesar A. Turturoo and writer Jorge Luis Sucksdorf. Rob, I hope you're wrong about the RLAM in development hell, but I can't help but be thinking this is the best Robotech live action we will be seeing as well.


August 12, 2013

Robotech RPG Tactics Kickstarter Campaign (Holy Shit)

Ok, so if Warner Brothers was wondering if they should fund the Robotech Live Action Movie, I think Robotech RPG Tactics has proven that there is a solid Robotech fan base out there; one that's hungry to be in the Robotech world and enjoy doing what we all dreamed of doing as kids: suiting up, getting into a Mecha and shooting things! Their initial goal was 70K, they are now at almost 1.5 Million. 

So by my math, let me do some calculations here (beep, boop. beep boop boop beep!), if Pacific Rim did 397 Million World wide box office, then the Robotech Live Action movie should net around 3 Trillion dollars!

 If you haven't already please support the Robotech RPG Kickstarter Campaign. If you are into RPG, this is a no-brainer. Good luck guys, can't wait to see the final product.

January 26, 2013

Nic Mathieu in Talks to Direct the Robotech Live Action Movie

Some very exciting news today from Borys Kit@The Hollywood Reporter: Tobey Maguire and crew are in talks with Nic Mathieu to direct the  the Robotech live action movie. Click here to view the Nic Mathieu commercial reel.  Really like his work, and see why WB/Maguire Entertainment chose him. Lots of other interesting links on this story in the RobotechX Forum for the Robotech live action movie as well. More to come!

Dear Nic,

Please take a moment check out my Robotech live action film, "Midnight Sky." I created this short film for an opportunity to play the role of a Veritech fighter in the upcoming Robotech live action film, which, if the news sources are true, you are now directing. Please don't cry (or laugh with tears) when you see the visual effects. I would love to meet you and discuss your work, filmmaking, and of course Robotech! Thanks for your consideration.


January 4, 2013

Robotech Live Action Film - Movie Trailer

Love these guys at the Robotech Valkyrie Project and by goodness their Robotech Live Action feature film is looking better and better. They also made the decision to stick with the F-14 looking fighters and original valkyrie design which I think is super cool. Argentina is now officially on my bucket travel list.