February 10, 2015

The Robotech Live Action Movie is Making Me Old

Mike Fleming Jr. at Deadline Hollywood reports that the Robotech live action movie is back on!!! Read the full article here. I thought for sure Pacific Rim killed Robotech dead, but I guess I was wrong. Yet, I'm approaching this news with some apprehension of course, as we have been down this road before.

The interweb declares: "New scribe with impressive credentials to pen Robotech!" and "Up-and-coming director tapped to bring Robotech to the big screen!." I optimistically post something on this blog, then I get married and have two kids as I'm waiting for the next announcement. I wish I was kidding about that last part.

But I do celebrate today that the dream of a Robotech live action movie is still alive! I also celebrate the passage of time and the joys of growing up. At this rate, I'll be auditioning for more age appropriate roles such as "Veritech fighter safety consultant" or "UN Spacy training manager" instead of  a Veritech fighter pilot and frankly, it's all good. Just keep it going.