January 13, 2014

Robotech Live Action Movie - Valkyrie Project - Part 2

I have a feeling my next few posts will be dedicated to the Robotech Live Action Movie Valkyrie Project. This is part two of their great fan film. Fact is, these guys are having a lot of fun with this and I'm enjoying it very much. The scene we've all been waiting for with the Veritech fighters is at 7:08. I wonder if they can go full on Battloid(humanoid) form having them both fight each other. If that happens, I will bow down to this visual effects team. For visual effects that are more "subtle" (yes that's a nice way to put it) please check our our own Robotech Live action short film.


Anonymous said...

Site down and video removed? They cancel the project?

T said...

Yikes, I wonder. I doubt the project is cancelled, but maybe YouTube or Harmony Gold aren't happy...thanks for letting me know. If you dig up any news, please share and I'll post! I'll also look into it.

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