January 6, 2014

Robotech Live Action Movie - Valkyrie Project - Part 1

I freakin love these guys. I'm in awe watching what they've been able to create knowing the amount of effort it took for my own Robotech live action movie (and it's just 5 min long!). The Valkyrie Project is honestly on another level altogether and I can't how advanced fan films have come in such a short period of time. This is a must see.

 And unless you know Spanish, you'll mostly just be "seeing" like me, but it's still entertaining. The visual effects are very strong and the story has my interest for sure. Rob Briken from iO9 has a nice breakdown for Part 1 for the Valkyrie Project with credit to director Cesar A. Turturoo and writer Jorge Luis Sucksdorf. Rob, I hope you're wrong about the RLAM in development hell, but I can't help but be thinking this is the best Robotech live action we will be seeing as well.



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alejandro gamero said...

Please somebody show this project to spielberg... I still can't close my mouth, it is really amazing.

Alex John said...

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