January 26, 2013

Nic Mathieu in Talks to Direct the Robotech Live Action Movie

Some very exciting news today from Borys Kit@The Hollywood Reporter: Tobey Maguire and crew are in talks with Nic Mathieu to direct the  the Robotech live action movie. Click here to view the Nic Mathieu commercial reel.  Really like his work, and see why WB/Maguire Entertainment chose him. Lots of other interesting links on this story in the RobotechX Forum for the Robotech live action movie as well. More to come!

Dear Nic,

Please take a moment check out my Robotech live action film, "Midnight Sky." I created this short film for an opportunity to play the role of a Veritech fighter in the upcoming Robotech live action film, which, if the news sources are true, you are now directing. Please don't cry (or laugh with tears) when you see the visual effects. I would love to meet you and discuss your work, filmmaking, and of course Robotech! Thanks for your consideration.



Marty said...

You know if Nic Mathieu has Twitter account?
Or maybe Tobey Maguire has one.
If you can get his Twitter name, everybody can help you sending links to your page o the video, don't you think?

T said...
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T said...

I searched for it, but didn't see one for Nic Mathieu. Tobey Maguire has a Twitter account and think that's a really good strategy. Want to be the first? :)

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