June 21, 2011

A Star Wars Miracle: Millenium Falcon Potato Chip

I know this is a Robotech themed blog, but I figure any Sci-Fi fan could appreciate this.  So, I'm sitting in my cube at work snacking on a bag of Kettle Brand Buffalo Bleu potato chips (if you haven't tried them, you should). I'm about to bring one of these chips to my mouth but I stopped cold as if some outside force (forgive me) were blocking me.

I take a quick look at the chip and in my hand is the Millenium Falcon. I stared at it for five minutes straight.  "Hallelujah it's a Star Wars Miracle!"...is what I wanted to shout but instead I jumped up to share this discovery with my pod mates, but then I forgot I'm surrounded by a bunch of post 80's girly girls...completely wasted on them.  I can't even share the sci-fi references they guessed out of sheer disgust. 

So I took a bunch of photos to share with those who would appreciate it.  Enjoy!

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Is it just me or do you see a Tie Fighter in there as well?  I also see a chip that resembles the iron piece in the Monolopy board game on the tail of the Millenium Falcon.


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That's awesome...

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