June 2, 2010

Should a Robotech live action film be made?

Here is a great article by Jeremy Robinson from i09 called "How Hollywood is destroying my postmodern love affair with 80's pop culture."

He  refers to Robotech, G.I. Joe, Transformers, Thundercats and a number of upcoming live action adaptations.  He writes "The point is, with every 1980s franchise remade by Hollywood, I lose a piece of my childhood that I so adore."

I've been pretty obsessed with this Project Robotech, I know this.  I've honestly never stopped to think about what effect the Robotech live action movie will have on my childhood memories.  Till now I've been driven by what I think my 1985 self would want: "BECOME A VERITECH FIGHTER PILOT! THAT WOULD BE SO COOL!"

I've always assumed the RLAM will be awesome.  It may or may not be, but if my little mission fails (knocking on my wooden desk top), I won't feel so bad (especially if the RLAM sucks donkey balls.)  Sometimes things are best left how they were, untouched and enjoyed as the great memories they are.

Check out his article, it's a fun read!

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