May 21, 2010

Robotech Live Action Movie Designs Part I

These designs by Kronnang Dunn have been floating around You Tube for a while, but definitely worth a share!

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  1. Richard Moll as Cmdr Breetai
    Halle Berry or Gina Torres as Claudia Grant
    Jessica Biel as Lisa Hayes
    Michael Angarano as Max Sterling
    Jessica Alba as Mirya Perina
    Qi Shu as Lynn-Minmei
    Jason Statham as Roy Fokker
    Jean Reno or Jeremy Irons as Cpt Henry Gloval
    Jack Black as Ben Dixon or Grel
    Jet Li as Lynn Kyle
    Sam Neil as Admiral Hayes
    Ethan Hawke as Kyron
    William Defoe as Exedor
    Kaylee DeFer as Vanessa
    Jewel Staite as Kim
    Nicki Clyne as Sammy
    *Sam Worthington as Rick Hunter

    * This is likely to be Tobey Maguire