April 27, 2010

Sylvain White is a bad-ass. "The Losers" director and Robotech

So it's been out there for a while that Sylvain White may be directing the upcoming Robotech Live Action film and would obviously be THE person for me to hopefully impress/bribe/make an indecent proposal to in order to be cast in the film as a Veritech fighter pilot. Sylvain, if you are out there...please check out my film and give me a shout!

I just saw "The Losers" last night and it was great. Sylvain deserves an award just for how many people you can kill without showing any blood. People were dying left and right, adults and kids alike were getting blown to smithereens, and yet something was missing...BLOOD..oh and F-Bombs! I whispered to my friend Tony, "Is this PG-13?" He was like no way man, it's R...then a few minutes later..said "Damn, I think it IS PG-13!" The absence of blood and expletives were one thing, then it became pretty clear later on when the final piece gave it away. No BOOBS. PG-13 indeed.

Anyways, "The Losers" was so well done, and I can see why Warner Bro's and Tobey would see this director as a good fit. The humor, action and fun characters were so well executed...all perfect for telling the ROBOTECH story. Robotech is not Rated R. It's barely PG...but Sylvain White will be great for achieving that balance.

Sylvain, if you ultimately decide to direct the Robotech live action film, definitely keep me in mind. I'll break my back for you and deliver as an actor. Just give me that chance and you'll see.  Don't make me make an indecent proposal because I will.  My pet sheep, though reconsidering his loyalties still has one left in him!

Check out The Losers trailer.

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