August 17, 2013

Leonardo DiCaprio Interested in Robotech Live-Action Movie

Stumbled on this bit of gossip passing off as news, but figure since it's related to the Robotech Live Action Movie, that I would feed the monster as well. Leonardo DiCaprio Passes on Star Wars in Favor of Robotech

I appreciated Guillermo Del Toro for avoiding A-List actors for Pacific Rim and focused on the story, monsters and robots. But Robotech is very different and I think will be more character driven, and that's where great acting is necessary. I love Leonardo DiCaprio and haven't seen anything he's been in that I didn't like (Django Unchained, Inception, Departed), so he if he plays Roy Focker, great, just put me in the scene when he get's shot down, so I'm fighting right along side him.

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